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Feb 17, 2020 night photography with wayne suggs

reCOMPOSE 071: Night Photography Part Two - Interview with Wayne Suggs

Join Marc and Andy as they dive deep into the mind of one of the best night shooters out there, Wayne Suggs.

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Feb 3, 2020

reCOMPOSE 070: Night Photography Part One

In this episode, we'll talk about why we love to shoot the night so much and introduce many topics that we'll go in-depth on in part two.

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Jan 20, 2020

reCOMPOSE 069: Interview with Richard Bernabe

Our second sit-down with Richard, we dive deep into how he sees, what drives him photographically, and some of his favorite lessons. 

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Jan 6, 2020

reCOMPOSE 068: Twenty Years of Digital Camera Technology

Marc and Andy talk about the changes over the last two decades and mix in lots of tips for today.

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Nov 4, 2019

reCOMPOSE 0676: Taking a Break

Andy and Marc have a very busy travel schedule in November and December, so we'll take a short break and be back in January 2020. 


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