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Nov 28, 2017

reCOMPOSE 022: Interview with Will Burrard-Lucas

Folks, we have a special treat for you. On this episode of the reCOMPOSE podcast Andy and Juan interview wildlife photographer extraordinaire, inventor and entrepreneur Will Burrard-Lucas. In this interview we ask Will to tell us a bit about himself, his photography,...

Nov 14, 2017

reCOMPOSE 021: Photography by Boat

Photographing from a boat can give us not only a different perspective on landscape (or seascape) photography, but it can also get to us to locations that would otherwise be impossible to reach. Both Andy and Juan are fortunate enough to shoot from many types and sized boats, from...

Nov 1, 2017

reCOMPOSE 020: New Announcements: Lightroom, Sony Alpha and iPhones

This week brought a lot of new products and announcements on products near and dear to our Hearts. Adobe announced a new Lightroom product and renamed the Lightroom so many of us have come to rely on, Sony announced a new Alpha a7RIII and two new...