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Apr 26, 2018

reCOMPOSE 031: Interview with Photographer Michael Strickland

In this episode of the reCOMPOSE podcast Juan and Andy have the privilege of interviewing Kansas landscape photographer Michael Strickland.

Michael now resides in his home state of Kansas, where he has the incredible opportunity to photograph the beautiful prairie of the Great Plains on a daily basis. He enjoys photographing and exploring areas close to his home, to study the light carefully, and understand the landscape on more of an intimate level. Though he enjoys travelling to exotic locations with camera in tow, Michael is always finding his way home to explore the places he knows and loves.

Michael works with a Linhof Technorama 617 SIII, a Mamiya 7II, and an Arca Swiss F-Line 8x10 and exclusively works with Fujifilm and Kodak color films and Ilford black and white films.

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